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Shoe Sculpture

About the Business 

KC Fresh Kicks is a custom shoe experience. Our company specializes in custom shoe designs that don't repeat and stand out. KC Fresh Kicks began in Portland OR, the headquarters of one of the biggest shoe brands, Nike. In the beginning, it was all about unique designs on every shoe handled. It later began to spread into jean jackets, smocks, and high heels. 

Our KC Fresh Kicks team has expanded over the last two years and now reaches from Portland to Phoenix, AZ.  An online company KC Fresh Kicks is shipping products across the country. Our product customization has also spread no longer covering only shoes; we now customize any compatible material. Kicks are and will always be our first love. Because of that, we offer several services specifically for kicks.

The deep cleaning service for shoes is top tier and allows your shoes to shine like new. The shoe restores will bring your shoes back from the dead. Custom shoes are our initial service, but we also customize; bags, masks, air pod cases, helmets, cases, and much more. With KC Fresh Kicks, your imagination is endless with timeless designs.

KC Fresh Kicks has grown a lot over the last few years, and we are just getting started. To our current customers, thank you, and to our prospective customers, send us an inquiry and let us design something fresh for you. 


About the Owner


A young, ambitious, and hardworking basketball-loving, shoe collecting artist; is the best way to describe the founder of KC Fresh Kicks. Born in Charleston, SC, Kevin "KC" Clayton has had a love for art since the beginning. 

KC started off drawing every car and cartoon he came across. Later in his high school years, his love for shoes began to form. Like most sneakerheads, he started with the covenant Jordan.  Having a shoe of this value meant taking care of them to ensure they would last. As a newly discovered sneakerhead, he wasn't sure how to do that. He had a cousin who took the time to teach him how to clean and care for his shoes to ensure they would last. 

After high school, KC went on to play basketball and complete his Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Design. While in college, KC began to draw and paint on some old shoes. As he shared them with friends and family, it became evident that he loved designing and was talented.


After college, like all graduates, it was time to find a career. Keeping the mantra of "If you look good, you play good," in mind, he decided to start designing shoes for athletes.  

A few months later, KC Fresh Kicks was born. Taking the love of basketball and passion for designing was a match made.  KC has grown a lot as an artist since he was a child. Drawing on the floor of his living room, he is growing into a visionary and leader. 

The Future

The future and goal of KC Fresh Kicks are to be rooted in the sneaker community.  Products that can make a memory to be treasured for times to come. A company built for people to trust for their shoes and creating a product to share with others. KC Fresh Kicks wants everyone to have a brand new pair of shoes on the first day of school feeling when they wear our design. Giving the "Look Good, Play Good" feeling with every service and product.

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